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What a Year!

On Jan 14th we came together to Re:Design the future by looking beyond singular design problems and toward fixing the larger societal, political, and social issues we can no longer ignore. In ideas and discussion, there is action and hope. Thank you to everyone who joined us on this amazing day. 

Recap: Inspiration, Talks, and Takeaways

What We Learned.

Turning a dynamic in-person creative conference into an online event required a whole new set of skills, tools, and “godsend” vendors. INVT’s Kat Sambor shares what we learned in the process.
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Bravo! What an inspiring day—I walked away excited about design and designing and our opportunity to make things better.
Dean of Design, CCA
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Your ticket includes unlimited access to our online event until the end of 2021, the advice and knowledge of our esteemed speakers, plus a healthy dose of inspiration from our creative bursts!

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Recap & Takeaways

Check out some of the highlights and our key takeaways from #INVT21.
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Feeling Blessed

Thank you SO much to everyone that spent the day with us on Jan. 14th. We are still receiving insights and wonderful feedback from all of you. If you haven’t already, please do fill out the feedback form and share with us any insights you are looking forward to for 2022.

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